Election 2008: Adam & Steve are enemies of the state.


It's election time again, and once again, lily-livered Republican asswipes have decided to rile up Maw and Paw Bumfuck with the looming spectre of us fags and dykes taking the vows of matrimony.

You know what, assholes? FUCK YOU! Fuck you for once again putting all your hopes for re-election firmly on the backs of TAX PAYING GAY PEOPLE! You can't win an election based on doing anything even remotely useful, like making sure people have basic healthcare, or keeping our bridges from falling down. Nooooooo...you sniveling bastards have to raise the big fat fucking religious heterosexual flag to make sure that anyone who couples with someone having the same genitalia can't have any fucking rights.

Ya know, for a buncha fat fucks who talk ad infinitum (ad nauseum) about how fucking strong you are, I know a few limp-wristed, lovely faggots who could kick your asses around the block a time or two. You can't win with substance, so once again gay people become scarier than Osama Bin Laden ( that guy that Bush doesn't really worry about), so that you can continue your evil little power trip to the top of the political dung heap.

I think I am gonna take my little tax incentive you are giving us all, and buy heaps of gay pr0n.

Oh and did I mention: FUCK YOU?

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Oh God...


...no really.

Welcome to...wait for it...Christvertising.

What would Jesus buy?

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