Federal budget squeeze

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Read the breakdown of who gets what and who gets cut.

I will address a few of these later on this evening, but this one is very interesting to me.

The department budget is essentially flat; the president's budget shows a modest increase of $20 million to nearly $23.6 billion, but the agency says it is actually a decrease of $6 million from fiscal 2006. Included is $250 million to fund a global nuclear energy program that the administration hopes will lead to the expansion of nuclear power production domestically and abroad. The department called yesterday for the development of technology to recycle nuclear fuel and create waste that is less hazardous and more difficult to use in weapons.

The budget adds money to research some alternative fuel technology. Environmental groups said the funding increases are insufficient.

Some programs designed to increase energy efficiency would be cut, as would research money for hydropower and geothermal energy. The spending plan cuts funding for oil and natural gas research programs. The administration, which sought unsuccessfully to cut the programs last year, said the industry can afford to pursue the research on its own given high oil and natural gas prices.

So the State of the Onion hoohah about renewable energy was a bunch of BS, which we all knew it to be.

Not only that, but Bush wants to rebuild a nuclear program that was a failure to begin with. A little research will show that recycling nuclear fuel was a miserable attempt the first time, merely irradiating buildings and proving completely inefficient. Plutonium reprocessing plants were closed years ago because of this, but we just never learn, do we?

We have built up tons of used nuclear fuel rods that at this point are sitting in cooling pools, because there is NO FRICKIN' WAY to dispose of them. The best idea this country has come up with is to transport high level nuke waste across the country and dump it in Yucca Mountain Nevada, an area with high levels of seismic activity. Smrt. Really.

Nuke plants across the country have repeatedly failed safety inspections, had regulations cut so that they had less stringent safety regulations in the first place, and well...do I have to mention Three Mile Island?

For even more fun nuclear reading, grab a copy of We Almost Lost Detroit, a description of an accident at the Fermi reactor outside of the Motor City.

There are plenty of people who would contest my anti-nuke reasoning, but consider this: it's the most expensive way we have come up with boil water, and the only water-boiling method with that much destructive power. And it's NOT pollution free, no matter how many ways they try to say it is.

We are insane if we think that we can keep a handle on this mess. Actually, it's Bush who's insane. I am feeling pretty on point, really.

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